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Artificial Intelligence Digital Signage

Digital signage equipped with artificial intelligence

Product Summary:
Digital signage equipped with artificial intelligence has been installed inside the Vilage of Happiness Kobe. This artificial intelligence learns by having conversations with visitors and to provide appropriate information to any question. For example, information about facilities and restaurant menus inside the complex.

Voice command is available for visitors with limited use of their hands or visually-impaired visitors.
Font colors follow the Japanese Industrial Standards for visually-impaired visitors.
Fonts are enlarged greater visibility.
Touch panel is available for hearing-impaired visitors.
English is available for foreigners.

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Name of exhibitor: Village of Happiness Kobe
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1-1 651-1106 Kobe City Kita Ward Happy Village No. 1 Kitayama Tomoko

Facility information screen
Voice dialogue screen
English version screen