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Daredemo Navi


Product Summary:
Daredemo Navi is a smartphone app which helps pedestrians navigate the streets and facilities of Village of Happiness Kobe.
The map used in this app uniquely shows the locations of the village's braile pedestrian blocks and slopes.
Universal design concepts were applied when creating the map of facilities in the app, which uses colors that were specifically chosen to be accessible for color-blind individuals.

Company URL: http://www.shiawasenomura.org/infolist/daredemonavi.html
Name of exhibitor: Village of Happiness Kobe
Product PR video URL: https://youtu.be/NYiUMtTr2Ko
Contact: naomoto@ickobe.jp
1-1 651-1106 Kobe City Kita Ward Happy Village No. 1 Kitayama Tomoko

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