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Memo Mail


Product Summary:
The days of having to use pen and paper to take memos are over, thanks to Memo Mail.
Memo Mail is an Amazon Alexa Skill which allows you to take notes just by speaking to Alexa. You can also ask Alexa to recall any notes you have recorded so far.
There are two ways to take notes with this Skill: you can activate it by first saying "take a note" to let Alexa activate note-taking mode, and then continue with the content of your note. Another way is by saying "take a note of" and then continue directly with the content of your note.
To have Alexa recall the notes, say "tell me my notes" or "read my notes."
Recorded notes will also be sent to the e-mail address you used when logging into Alexa App.
You can also check, edit, and delete the notes by going to [Memo Mail List] from the [List] menu on Alexa App.

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