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OrCam My Eye 2

orcam my eye 2

Product Summary:
OrCam MyEye 2 is a wearable support device for the visually impaired. Using AI technology it instantly reads text and barcodes, recognizes faces, identifies products, money notes, and colors, and can even tell you the time and date, all with intuitive gesture control. You can either point to what you want to identify, or you can touch the device to activate the camera, which will then take a photo and convey the visual information through audio. The device is the size of a small lighter and can be attached to your eyeglasses.

Company URL: http://www.sgv.co.jp/visual/
Manufacturer Name: Oakam 
Exhibitor Name: SystemGear Vision Ltd.
Product PR Video URL: https://www.orcam.com/en
Contact: sgv-sales@systemgear.co.jp
665-0051 Hyougo-ken Takarazuka-shi Takatsukasa 1-6-11