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Temporal myoelectric interface for electric wheelchairs


Product Summary:
We designed an interface which, through electrodes attached around the temples, picks up myoelectric signals from the temporal muscle and uses them to operate a variety of equipment without the involvement of the wearer's arms or legs.
The temporal muscle is a masticatory muscle which is easy to move and recovers quickly from fatigue.
Operation is done by biting the left or right back teeth to acquire 2 channels of on-and-off signals.

We are presently introducing an interface used to operate wheelchairs.

Company URL: https://systemdesignlab.jimdo.com/ 
Display company name: System Design Lab Product PR Video URL: https://youtu.be/ugO8iuI6row 
Contact: ac@sdl.to 
Yoshimoto Sugimoto, Shobo Town, Seidaiji, Nara City